Volunteer to Reduce Food Wastage 

At Food Savers, volunteers remain at the core of what we do and all our achievements. As such, we are consistently looking for volunteers that can help us achieve all our goals and more. Our volunteers are not just volunteers; rather, they are an integral part of what we do. They are vital team members with the same commitment and values that we hold at Food Savers. 

We have a wide range of volunteers located all across Australia. However, that is hardly enough. We remain available to receive new help from individuals committed to reducing food wastage. Our volunteers help us at the various events we manage, as part of our corporate team, working the phones, and assisting with our food truck. Generally, they help us ensure that everything goes smoothly and we can reach all our goals.

How You Can Help

Our volunteer can engage in a wide variety of activities that achieve the goal of promoting and ensuring the reduction of food waste. These activities include:

Food Drives

Our food drives involve providing rescued food to a wide variety of charity organisations that need food. However, for us to do this, we also need to get access to these food materials. Our volunteers can commit themselves to collect food from a wide range of places. By doing this, they reduce food waste and enable us to donate to a good cause.

This option involves volunteers donating their time and day for the benefit of the course. This is a great option as it enables us to complete a wide variety of programs. 

Raise Funds

We also accept volunteers who remain committed to helping us to raise funds for our wide range of activities. Our volunteer can raise funds at their place of work. This could the form of staff lunches, morning teas, and trivia nights.

Volunteers can commit to raising funds with their friends. This will involve joint action with your club, a sports team, community group, and friends. Volunteers can also raise funds at schools to aid the cause.

How Do You Join Us?

We are always receiving new volunteers. So, you can join us anytime you want. However, to be part of us, you will need to demonstrate your passion for reducing food wastage. Also, you must be at least 18 years to join our team as a volunteer.

Afterwards, you can get straight to your guide that provides an overview of our activities and the various roles that you can volunteer for. You can then fill up our application and get ready to join us.

We will review your application immediately and get back to you about the role that fits into your experience and skills. We will also assist you with the onboarding process to make things easier for you.