Nourishing Young People 

Today, young people between the ages of 16 and 25 face various challenges in life. This challenges can cause these children to be at risk of various debilitating conditions. We recognise that these young people are the future. Even more, we recognise that these young individuals play a significant role in the fight to combat food wastage. As such, we find a way to help these young people while placing them on a path that enables them to combat food wastage. 

We achieve this through our Nourish program. Our nourish program enables us, at Food Savers, to help young people at risks through mentoring and training. We achieve this through a Certificate II training in Kitchen Operations or Hospitality. However, we do not just offer just another training. Instead, we offer a future, hope, and opportunity for a good career in the future. We ensure that they can be on the path of self-sustainability.

Through this program, we also ensure that we can provide young people with an opportunity to understand the nuances of food wastage. We achieve this by encouraging them to prioritise proper food management in all their activities.

This program is FREE to all our participating students. We partner with a wide range of institutions to ensure that we can provide free training to all participants. We have a partnership with various Registered Training Organisations that deliver results in educating all our participants.

Still, these institutes are not all that helps us achieve our goals to nourish young people. We also achieve this through volunteers and mentors from a wide range of experts. We also have a wide range of qualified industry professionals that help us in delivering quality to these students.

How Does This Program Work?

This program works to educate young individuals about the hospitality industry. In turn, it allows young individuals to learn a wide range of skills such as cooking, nutrition, coffee making, food safety, and hygiene. Even beyond technical skills within the hospitality industry, we also equip them with soft skills. These skills include teamwork and communication. Still, we do not stop there as we help with job seeking.

How to Get Involved with This Program?

Each year, we receive students in two batches. We take the first batch at the beginning of the year. Then, we have our second intake in the middle of the year. However, we have a limited number of applicants that we take in. This is to ensure that the students can identify with the training. 

In turn, to join the program, you will need to register early. You can download the necessary form based on your location to get started on your journey with our Nourish Program. 

So, in case you are interested in being part of the next batch of young people who receive our life-changing training, then you should get in touch with us. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting you.