Food Truck

Reducing Food Wastage at Events through Food Truck 

Today, one major contributor to food wastage across Australia are events, corporate functions, and parties. Typically, these events or programs see a large influx of food. However, they are rarely completely consumed, which leads to wastage. With each program is increased food wastage across Australia. However, that does not have to be the case anymore with our food truck program.

With our food truck program, we take care of your food supply for every of your event and function. We ensure that we can make your event unforgettable. We align our delivery with your culture to ensure that we meet all your needs. So, whether it is a wedding, party, corporate event, or birthday function, that have in mind, we can help you.

We bring to the table, high quality and locally sourced meals that help you meet your needs. However, that is not what stands our program apart. We have designed this program to ensure that we can record zero waste in events and programs. As such, we maintain a menu that guarantees zero waste while still meeting the food needs of your event. 

Our commitments do not only concern food waste with our food truck program. We extend it to all types of waste. As such, we ensure we use compostable bowls and plates all across our delivery. This ensures that we promote all-round waste reduction that helps safeguard the Australian community.

We assign a team of experts to every event that we handle. These experts are well abreast of the necessary things to ensure that we can deliver and exceed expectations. These experts are also well trained to ensure that food wastage in any form does not occur. With our food truck program, you can ensure that your program or event does not harm the community. 

We also collaborate with our food rescue team in our commitment to ensure that there is no form of food wastage with us. Precisely, with this, we can donate remaining food items to nearby charities to ensure that no food goes to any waste whatsoever. We also allow these charities to enjoy access to quality food that might have been otherwise unavailable to them in the past.

You can also count on safeguarding your environment. We are available all week to ensure that we avoid food wastage. Our trucks are extremely large to ensure that we can cater to large event and parties without any difficulty whatsoever. 

In case you are looking to plan your next event or program. And you are looking to reduce food wastage while keeping the environment safe; then this is what you need. Our food truck can help you with this. Contact us today to get started.