Food Rescue

Reducing Food Wastage Through Food Rescue

As food wastage continues to plague the world and Australia, we must take action. At Food Savers, we recognise the necessity for a comprehensive approach. This approach must combat food wastage by eliminating food wastage and where necessary, reducing its effect. This is where food rescue comes in. We continually rescue excess foods that are perishable and would have culminated in food wastage.

There is no doubt an increasing request for food relief across Australia. This is thanks to the considerable number of individuals struggling and challenged by food insecurity. Our goal is to ensure that this group of individuals can enjoy easy access to nutritious food. 

In turn, we resort to food rescue as one of our necessary mechanism to meet this ever-increasing demand. With food rescue, we ensure that perishable foods that would have ended up in the bin end up as nutritious food for those in need. Even more, we understand that we cannot achieve this alone. So, we continually collaborate with a wide range of agencies and bodies to ensure that our attempt at food rescue is effective more than ever.

We do not just stop there; we also collaborate with various charities to ensure that we deliver quality excess food items to a wide variety of people. Our help is free and rests solely on our commitment to ensure that food insecurity is a thing of the past within Australia, and the world at large eventually. 

We also receive food from donors with a commitment to reducing food insecurity. We collaborate with them on a wide scale to ensure that we can recover as much surplus food as possible. In case you are looking to partner with us as a donor, we welcome you to contact us today.

Why Is Our Food Rescue Program Vital?

While it appears quite small in the battle against food wastage, the reality is that our contribution is far from small. In fact, not only does it contribute significantly to combatting food wastage, but its ripple effects also create a lot of benefit for members of the Australian community. 

These benefits include:

Availability of Food for Charities

Through this program, we are now able to ensure that charities have access to quality food. This is a welcome development as charities otherwise struggled to access food.

Charities Can Save

Through this program, we have been able to encourage saving within charities. In turn, the money saved from food expenses allows meeting other important needs that fund was unavailable for.

Protect the Planet

Our food waste fact shows that the planet suffers considerably from food wastage. Now through our program, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and landfills accumulation.