Getting to Know Food Savers

We are one big family that remains committed to ensuring that we record a reduction in the menace called food wastage. Over the past few years, we have seen a consistent increase in food wastage across the world. Even more, we have consistent issues of food insecurity within Australia. This is what has led us to emerge.

At Food Savers, we are a team who remains well informed of the menace of food wastage. We have seen first hand the wide range of effects it has on society. From contributing to food insecurity to promoting environmental degradation, we have concluded that we can no longer continue to stay silent in the face of these multifaceted challenges. In turn, we are consistently emerging new techniques and strategies to ensure that we can effectively combat food wastage.

We are passionate about our stance. We can no longer afford to watch considerable food items go to waste when those food substances can reduce hunger among Australians. As such, we collaborate, partner, and continue to develop a wide network that allows us to satisfy every one of these needs as fast as we can. 

We comprise of staff members, volunteer, financial and food donors, board directors, in-kind contributors, and partners. This wide range of networks is what makes Food Savers what it is today and continue to drive its actions and progress as it strives to create an Australian community that is free of food insecurity.

We have engaged in considerable research to get us to where we are today. This incredible research continues to act as the backbone of our activities. We do not take any partner for granted as we believe we all have a role to play as we create a new environment that guarantees food security for members of the Australian community. 

We have a wide range of projects that allows us to achieve our goals. These various projects get to run for free. This is because we are a nonprofit organisation. Our commitment has never been to profit, and that is not changing. Our commitment remains to the members of the Australian community and the environment at large. 

In turn, we seek funding, work through volunteers, and rely on the goodwill of our donors to continue the good work that we remind committed to. We combine our wide range of experiences to ensure that we can make things work. There is nothing to worry about as we deliver results for the benefit of our community at large.

We are present in Australia. Our family cut across various areas in Australia. Our headquarters then ensure the collaboration of these various branches to realise our primary goal, the reduction of food wastage within Australia to promote food security for everyone.