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Cutting Food Waste – Fighting Hunger in Australia

Welcome to Food Savers – We Are Constantly Taking Action to Tackle Food Wastage

The world continues to record widespread food insecurity even today. Unfortunately, Australia continues to suffer from this menace. However, this should not be the case as actual food production is large enough to cater to the needs of everyone.

Unfortunately, food wastage continues to claim a large population of this food, making it impossible to satisfy the food needs of individuals within Australia. We recognise the problem, and we are committed to tackling them.

At Food Savers, we run a wide range of programs that enables us to tackle food wastage at its root. We also run a series of programs that allows us to attend to the food needs of various groups and communities within Australia. Our goal is to reduce food waste in Australia. This way, we can make food available to members of the community in need.

We are a team of committed individuals. We act as a nonprofit organisation and count on the help of volunteers. You can contact us today to learn more about our activities.

Our Programs and Activities

We run a wide range of programs with a focus to reduce food waste and promote food security. They are:

Our Partners

Food Rescue

As food wastage continues to plague the world and Australia, we must take action. At Food Savers, we recognise the necessity for a comprehensive approach. This approach must combat food wastage by eliminating food wastage and where necessary, reducing its effect. This is where food rescue comes in. We continually rescue excess foods that are perishable and would have culminated in food wastage.


Today, young people between the ages of 16 and 25 face various challenges in life. This challenges can cause these children to be at risk of various debilitating conditions. We recognise that these young people are the future. Even more, we recognise that these young individuals play a significant role in the fight to combat food wastage. As such, we find a way to help these young people through our nourish program.

Food Truck

Today, one major contributor to food wastage across Australia are events, corporate functions, and parties. Typically, these events or programs see a large influx of food. However, they are rarely completely consumed, which leads to wastage. With each program is increased food wastage across Australia. However, that does not have to be the case anymore with our food truck program.

Farmers and Growers

Food waste is no longer just another issue that plagues our community. Instead, it is now a global menace that requires joint action across all levels. In turn, we must take action within our local community to tackle it. One area where food waste is prominent is among farmers and growers. As such, a huge part of tackling food waste involves helping farmers and growers combat food waste.

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